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Air Conditioning Repair

Affordable Rates for Air Conditioning Repair in Calgary and Chestermere

Expert Mechanical is licensed and trained to fix air conditioning systems and we’re committed to earn the best reputation for repair in Calgary. We can service and repair almost any make or model of air conditioner even when we did not install them. Our experienced, trained technicians can quickly diagnose problems to reduce cost and downtime including common issues such as; system failure or breakdown, leaks, unusual smells, display light errors or faults and larger issues like compressor or motor failure.

With a fleet of trucks stocked with typical replacement parts we can dispatch repair help quickly and get the job done correctly and for the price quoted. We empathize with you when your air conditioning stops call Expert Mechanical for repair and we’ll schedule a time that’s convenient for you, give you a fair repair rate and have your cooling system up and running in no time.

Air Conditioning Repair in Calgary

We can respond quickly when your Air Conditioning stops working.
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Experienced air conditioning repair technicians
Experienced, Certified Technicians
Can repair most makes and models of air conditioners
Repairs for most Makes and Models
Accurate & Fair Air Conditioning Repair Pricing
Accurate & Fair Air Conditioning Repair Pricing
Fast emergency furnace repair response time
Fast Response Time
experienced and certified for air conditioning  repairs
Experienced & Certified for Air Conditioning Repairs
5 star Google reviews
5 Star Google Reviews

Air Conditioning Repair Rates

We offer fair, reasonable air condition repair rates, perhaps not the cheapest, but we employ skilled technicians and pay them accordingly for their skillset.

We diagnose the majority of repair-work within the first 30 minutes and can resolve most issues within the first billed hour. If your air conditioner repair needs more time due to uncommon issues additional time is billed in half-hour increments.

For most repair work, in our experience, we find most of the cost is for the air conditioning parts needed for repair.

In some cases it’s more beneficial to replace your older, broken air conditioner with a newer more efficient unit. We will advise you of all the options before proceeding with repair.

Many repairs or breakdowns could have been avoided if the unit was properly maintained over its lifespan. We recommend and offer professional AC Maintenance servicing which may save you money in the long-term.

fast reliable air conditioning repair

Air Conditioning Maintenance

It's recommended to have your air conditioner properly maintained every spring. We'll clean, inspect and ensure your air conditioner is running at maximum efficiency. You'll reduce energy costs and increase the units life-span.

maintain your air conditioner with annual maintenace and servicing.

When You Should Call for Air Conditioning Repair

Sometimes air conditioners will reveal signs that a breakdown will occur sooner than later including; higher than average energy usage or uneven temperatures in your home. These symptoms are indicative that you should have your air conditioning serviced soon.

Call Expert Mechanical for servicing or repair when your air conditioner exhibits the following problems:

  • When the unit is turned on it trips the circuit breaker
  • The fan is not running but you can hear the unit working
  • The compressor stops but the fan is running
  • You see visible water-leaks in or around the unit
  • Dust is seen coming from the vents when the air conditioning kicks on
  • An indication of low refrigerant levels
  • Air conditioner works but doesn’t provide cold air

Call Expert Mechanical 587-578-4328 for air conditioning repair today in Calgary or area.

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Certified, Trained Technicians

Our entire team has extensive specialized training and are able to perform their job at a high-level. We also offer advice so you make the best informed decision for service, repair or installations.

Call Expert Mechanical in Calgary for upfront, honest quotes and for excellent work that is guaranteed.


Air Conditioning Service 7 Days a Week

Expert Mechanical Services is open 7 days a week.

We offer

  • Free consultation and advice
  • Affordable air conditioning rates
  • Specialized air conditioning technicians
  • Expert air conditioning installation
  • Great customer service support after-sales
  • Reliable and fast air conditioning installation and repair services

Call Expert Mechanical 587-578-4328 for a free air conditioning consultation today in Calgary or area.